Quality Unpainted Ceramic Bisque

Kimple Intense Translucents

Basic Instructions for using

Kimple Intense Translucents

1.  Base Coat bisque carefully cleaned and fired bisque with #750 Bisque Primer.  Using a Kimple "IT" sable filbert brush and cover bisque smoothly and thoroughly with 2 coats.

2. After base coat is dry, apply desired Intense Translucent to bisque using a Kimple "I.T." sable filbert brush to appropriate area.

3. Using a cloth or quality paper towel, wipe or pat back the applied color to desired intensity. If a less intense color is desired, use water or Antique Media to pat back color. Using water to wipe back will pull more color off of the piece then the use of Antique Media will. Antique Media will blend the color more subtlety.

4. If desired, using either of the following methods, apply another color of Intense Translucents to this initial color: --Rouging- To use a towel to apply additional colors to the initial color, tip a section of towel with a small amount of the selected Intense Translucent from your pallet. Rub the color onto a clean area of your pallet to distribute the color evenly into the towel tip. Then rub the color onto the desired area of the ceramic piece.
-Applying color with a towel creates a highlighted or "rouged" effect.
--Brush Application- To use a brush to apply additional color to the initial color, simply use a Kimple "I.T." sable filbert brush to apply the desired color to the selected area and pat the color back with a towel.
-Applying color with a brush removes more of the initial translucent then rouging, resulting in a more vivid secondary color.

5. After every area of the piece has been completed carefully spray the piece with Perfect Matte fixative in a well-ventilated area. Do not over apply the fixative. Intense Translucents will remain slightly tacky until dry and fixed with a sealer.

Other Tips and Hints

*#740 Walnut applied as the initial translucent followed by variously selected and applied Intense Translucent colors is a very effective technique to achieve deep rich colors often desired in old world Santa's, wildlife and Native American pieces.

*Any of the Intense Translucent colors can by diluted with water to create lovely washed finishes. They can also be used to create fascinating and creative "brush stroke" pieces.

*An intriguing opalescent effect can be obtained by mixing any of the Intense Translucent colors with #971 Water Based Gold or #972 Water Based Silver. The mixing ratio will vary depending upon the color intensity desired. This mixture can then be applied to the ceramic piece as an opaque colorant or wiped back before drying to create the effect of an opalescent antique. When combining water based metallic with Intense Translucents you must be aware that the water based metallic mixture will dry before the piece is fixed with a spray.

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