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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Bisque?
    In short "Bisque" is ceramic! Bisque is just a term for the type of ready-to-paint, unfinished, ceramic that we sell. These pieces are clay that has been heated to nearly 2,000 degrees to permanently harden it into ceramic bisque. Our bisque is fired to "Cone 04", making it suitable for finishing with "low fire" glazes, acrylic paints, or any way you'd like.
  • Why does your Store take me to Etsy? Where is the old store?
    We chose to use Etsy as our "shopping cart" for two main reasons: One is greatly reduced costs for you, the customers, via Etsy's amazing discounts on shipping. The second, is that Etsy handles the transaction for us - they are a large and trusted company with a good track record of safety. No one but them ever sees your payment information.
  • Where can I find an item I don't see on the store?
    We estimate that we have over 4,000 different items to chose from - That's a lot to browse through! We're rolling our our top sellers first, and will have a comprehensive "catalog" in the future. If you don't see the item you're looking for already listed for sale, you can send us an Etsy message, or Custom Order Request and we'll get one ready and listed for you. It's that simple!
  • Why are some items "Special Order"?"
    Some of our items are very large, very dificult to cast, or only sell rarely. These items often take much longer than the average production time, and often require that the whole casting shop be dedicated to producing that one item for a day or more. They're truly special items that require a truly special order. You can special order items via a "Request Custom order" feature on Etsy.
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