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Shipping & Handling

Carrier:  Wherever possible we ship with the US Postal Service. Very rarely we will chose FedEx for paints or sealers which require special handling. Over the years we have found that the USPS has the least amount of breakage, and is the easiest to deal with for refunds when something goes wrong.

Shipping Type: We ship primarily by First Class and Priority Shipping, you are charged as close as possible to the actual costs of shipping and packaging. Because each item is made to order there are small variations in weight that we can't account for ahead of time, instead of doing tiny refunds and small additional charges that cost fees on both ends we simply make our best estimate based on prior costs, and leave it at that.

Packaging: We try to use repurposed, recycled or recyclable materials wherever possible. We frequently use misprint and overstock boxes with biodegradable packing peanuts, tissue and newsprint type papers. 

Refund, Replacement & Return Policy

Refunds and Replacements: If there is a problem with your order - if it doesn't arrive, if something is broken, if the order doesn't seem correct - please contact us within 30 days for resolution. 


We do not and cannot accept returns or exchanges.

We are deeply sorry for any inconvenience this causes.

As a general rule: We do not accept returns. Items are cast to order - they leave the kiln and enter a box after a quality check. We have no warehousing, and no place to store returned items. The cost of return shipping is often prohibitive, and we cannot guarantee that items will be returned to us in a state fit for sale. 


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